Academic Stewardship- Maintaining Your Scholarship

Students must maintain an overall 3.0 UA GPA to remain on scholarship at the University. The student’s overall UA GPA is reviewed at the end of every spring semester to determine scholarship standing. Review will take place at the end of every academic year once final grades have been posted in May. Status notifications will be sent to students’ crimson email addresses.

Academic Performance Scholarship Status Result
Students who meet or exceed an overall 3.0 UA GPA Maintain scholarship and will be reviewed again the following May
Students who earn below the required overall 3.0 UA GPA Placed on Scholarship Advisory
Students who earn below a 2.0 UA GPA and/or have earned less than 67% of attempted hours Loss of Scholarship

The Scholarship Advisory Period allows students a second opportunity to earn an overall 3.0 UA GPA. Following placement on scholarship advisory, students will receive an email with the terms to maintain their scholarship during their advisory period prior to classes beginning in August. Students on scholarship advisory will also receive follow-up emails throughout the period with campus resources available to assist them in their efforts to return to good standing.

Reasons for Loss of scholarship can include, but not limited to:

    • Students who have a UA GPA less than 2.0 at the time of grade review in May
    • Students that do not reach the 3.0 UA GPA at the end of the Scholarship Advisory Period
    • Students who earn less than 67% of the hours attempted each academic year

Loss of scholarship is final and there is no formal appeals process.

Break in Enrollment

Students may take courses during a summer term at another institution without impacting their scholarship standing at UA.

Current students who wish to defer future semesters of scholarship may do so for up to one year by completing the Scholarship Deferral Form located on the Admissions/Scholarships tab in myBama. Special accommodation can be made for religious or military request for deferral. Students cannot attend another institution or receive college credit during their time away from UA.

For current students who withdraw prior to the add/drop date for the term, your scholarship will not be affected. If you plan to return in a future semester, complete the scholarship deferral application located on the Admissions/Scholarships tab in myBama.

Current students who withdraw after the add/drop date for the term will lose that semester of scholarship as it will have already paid out. Email to state that you are withdrawing and include your expected semester for return.

Being granted a medical withdrawal can impact your scholarship standing. Please contact the Scholarship Office at 205-348-8201 or at for more information.

Students who have deferred their scholarship will be reviewed for scholarship standing each May as noted under our Academic Stewardship policy.

Students that withdraw from the university and do not contact the scholarships office will be subject to forfeit all future semesters of scholarships.

Scholarship Use for Graduate School

Students who were awarded a full-tuition scholarship or Presidential Scholarship and have remaining semesters upon graduation may request use of those semesters for Graduate School or Law School here at the university. Interested students need to complete the Scholarship Extension for Graduate School form in myBama during the semester in which they plan to graduate. All requests for use of scholarship semester(s) will be reviewed by the scholarship office committee. Submission of this form does not guarantee committee approval. Please note, you must have a current graduate/law school application on file to be reviewed, and you must enroll in graduate or law school at UA during the immediate available semester (excluding summer) after you graduate with your undergraduate degree. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA to utilize the remaining scholarship semesters.

GAP Year

Students who wish to take a GAP year between graduating high school and enrolling at UA must complete the admissions application during their senior year. Once admitted, the student should contact the Scholarship Office by emailing to provide an explanation of the activities taking place during that time and request GAP year approval. If approved, the student will be eligible to receive their applicable Merit offer upon enrollment the following year.

Study Abroad

Students who are awarded an Office of Admissions academic and/or competitive scholarship may request to use their scholarship to study abroad. Students can make the request by completing the Scholarship Study Abroad Request Form located on the Admissions/Scholarships tab in myBama. The use of scholarship during a study abroad program must be used for undergraduate coursework and will count as one semester of scholarship in full despite the amount of credit hours taken. Students on scholarship advisory, will not be permitted to use their scholarship for a study abroad program.
Please note, if you wish to use a university departmental scholarship towards study abroad, you will need to get the scholarship approved by the department who awarded it.