Academic Stewardship- Maintaining Your Scholarship

Students must maintain an overall 3.0 UA GPA to remain on scholarship at the University. The student’s overall UA GPA is reviewed at the end of every spring semester to determine scholarship standing. Review will take place at the end of every academic year once final grades have been posted in May. Status notifications will be sent to students’ crimson email addresses.

Academic Performance Scholarship Status Result
Students who meet or exceed an overall 3.0 UA GPA Maintain scholarship and will be reviewed again the following May
Students who earn below the required overall 3.0 UA GPA Placed on Scholarship Advisory

The Scholarship Advisory Period allows students a second opportunity to earn an overall 3.0 UA GPA. Following placement on scholarship advisory, students will receive an email with the terms to maintain their scholarship during their advisory period prior to classes beginning in August. Students on scholarship advisory will also receive follow-up emails throughout the period with campus resources available to assist them in their efforts to return to good standing.

Loss of scholarship occurs when students do not reach the overall 3.0 UA GPA at the end of the Scholarship Advisory Period. Loss of scholarship is final, and there is no formal appeals process.