Entering Freshman Fall 2021

The University of Alabama offers some of the most generous scholarship opportunities in the country for qualifying students. Complete the steps below to maximize your scholarship and aid opportunities.

To receive an automatic merit scholarship listed below and receive priority consideration for competitive scholarship awards, students must be admitted to the main campus before January 15.

Entering freshmen must submit the following in order to be admitted:

* Because of limited testing opportunities throughout the United States, the University of Alabama will not require standardized ACT or SAT scores from students applying for the Spring, Summer or Fall 2021 semesters. Submission of a test will not create an inherent disadvantage against those who elect not to submit a score, nor will it be an unfair advantage to students who do submit a score.

Types of Scholarships

The value of institutional scholarship funds, or the combination of institutional scholarships with the faculty/staff Educational Benefit may not exceed the cost of attendance as outlined at http://financialaid.ua.edu/cost/. This does not affect any outside sources of aid such as veteran benefits, PACT, external agency and scholarships, privately funded scholarships, federal grants and loans.

Scholarship Application