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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I be considered for scholarships?

As an entering freshman (applying for the Fall semester following your senior year of high school), you will need to send a completed application for admission, official high school transcript (grades 9-11), official ACT or SAT scores, application fee, and the completed scholarship section of the application for admission by December 15 of your senior year in high school.

As an incoming transfer undergraduate student (applying for the Fall semester), you will need to send a completed application for admission, official college transcript(s) from any college(s) attended, application fee, and the completed scholarship section of the application for admission by March 1. Please note that when you apply it generally takes 24-48 hours for you to receive your CWID so that you may access the scholarship application.

Can you "stack" scholarship dollars?

Whether or not scholarships are "stackable" is typically determined by the value of the scholarships. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a student would not be awarded two or more scholarships that are both valued at the rate of tuition or greater.

How many different applications do I need to fill out? Do I need to fill out a scholarship application for my college?

For Entering Freshmen: There is only one application to complete and submit for entering freshmen to be considered for academic and leadership scholarships at UA*. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the National Alumni Association, and The University of Alabama's undergraduate colleges and schools use the application for admission and scholarships to select scholarship recipients.

For Transfer Students: There is only one application to complete and submit for transfer students to be considered for academic and leadership scholarships at UA, the application for admission and scholarships. Please keep in mind that not every college on campus has scholarships earmarked for transfer students.

*Entering freshman students who apply will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible except for those scholarships offered by Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, and the College of Continuing Studies.

When are the last ACT/SAT test dates that you accept?

The national December ACT and the national December SAT are the last college entrance examination results accepted for students who want scholarship consideration.

Do you accept both ACT and SAT scores?

Yes, we accept either test. We evaluate your application based on the highest composite test score from any one test date taken at the national level. We equate the SAT (critical reading and mathematics components only) to an ACT score in order to determine the highest score to use for your scholarship application.

What components of the SAT scores do you review for scholarships?

SAT scores are calculated using critical reading and math scores only.

What components of the ACT test do you review for scholarships?

The highest ACT composite score from one test date, excluding the writing portion, is reviewed for initial eligibility.

Do you "super-score" tests for scholarship consideration?

No, we do not "super-score." We evaluate your application based on the highest composite test score from any one test date taken at the national level. We do not penalize based on a student taking multiple tests.

For entering freshmen, when GPA is reviewed for scholarships, will a weighted or unweighted GPA be considered?

If both are listed on the official high school transcript, the highest one will be reviewed.

Should I include a résumé?

Several pages of the scholarship application include information that would typically be included on a résumé. Personal résumés are not accepted.

Does the University have performance-based scholarships?

If you have a special talent or ability — such as music, debate, art, or athletics — that you might like to develop at The University of Alabama, financial assistance may be available to you through that specific department. To find out more about performance-based scholarships, please contact the appropriate department; or for guidance, call Undergraduate Admissions at 1-800-933-2262 (BAMA) or (205) 348-5666 for more information.

Can a student receive more than one scholarship?

Yes, students can receive multiple scholarships from the University. However, a student cannot receive two tuition scholarships.

Do I have to be admitted in order to complete the scholarship application?

No. You do not have to be admitted. However, you do need to have already completed and submitted the general admissions application. Please note that when you apply it generally takes 24-48 hours for you to receive your CWID so that you may access the scholarship application.

What is the best way to submit required essays and other supporting documentation?

There are multiple ways to get this information to us. We accept documents that are e-mailed to Students are also welcome to mail any documentation. We just ask that all documents be labeled with the student's name, CWID, and the name of the scholarships he or she is applying for.

What is the physical mailing address for the scholarship office?

Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships
801 Campus Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Attention: Scholarships Department


To be named a Capstone Scholar, Collegiate Scholar, Foundation in Excellence Scholar, UA Scholar, or Presidential Scholar, do I need to submit my scholarship application by December 15?

No. Students only need to have the completed application for admission, application fee, official high school transcript (grades 9-11), and official ACT or SAT scores submitted by December 15. A submitted scholarship application before December 15 is still encouraged, as it allows a student to be considered for additional scholarships through academic departments and the National Alumni Association.

By applying for admission to UA by the priority deadline does that make me eligible for the Capstone, Collegiate, Foundation in Excellence Scholar, UA Scholar or Presidential Scholarships if I have the test score and GPA requirements?

Meeting the priority deadline requires submitting a completed admissions application and scholarship application, application fee, official high school transcript, and official test scores (either ACT or SAT).

If I am awarded the Capstone Scholar Scholarship, take the ACT test again and score higher, which will make me eligible for the Presidential Scholar Scholarship, do I receive both scholarships?

No. In the scenario described above, the Presidential Scholar Scholarship would replace the Capstone Scholar Scholarship.

If I did not meet the requirements for the Capstone, Collegiate, Foundation in Excellence Scholar, UA Scholar, or Presidential Scholarship, could I be eligible to receive one of these after my first year at UA?

Only entering freshmen applying during their senior year of high school (who meet the December 15 priority deadline and submit the required documents) are eligible for these scholarships. Once you become an enrolled student, you cannot apply or be reconsidered for these scholarships.

What is the typical test score and GPA an entering freshman would need to have in order to be considered for scholarships?

Generally for scholarship consideration, an entering freshman with an ACT of 24 or SAT of 1090 (critical reading and math) and a cumulative 3.0 GPA will be reviewed.

If I am awarded a scholarship as an entering freshman but decide to attend another college/university for one year, then re-apply to UA, can I get the same scholarship I was awarded as an entering freshman?

No. The scholarship a student is awarded as an entering freshman is based on the student attending UA upon graduating from high school. If you decline an offer and attend another college/university, you are unable to receive that scholarship if you attend UA at a later date.

How can an international student be eligible for scholarships?

International students are evaluated the same as out-of-state students as long as the student has an ACT/SAT score and meets all requirements by the deadline.


As a recipient of a Presidential Scholarship, do I have to pay the Freshmen Enrollment Deposit since my scholarship is for tuition?

Yes, you will still need to pay the Freshmen Enrollment Deposit. The complete deposit will be applied back to your student account in the fall.

Since the Presidential Scholarship is awarded based on the value of tuition, how many credit hours would this cover?

A Presidential Scholarship will cover the value of tuition associated with the number of hours registered by a student.

How can the Presidential Scholarship be used to pay for part of graduate school?

Students graduating with remaining tuition scholarship semester(s) may utilize these monies only toward graduate or law school study at UA. To be eligible, students must enroll in graduate/law school during the first available semester after receiving an undergraduate degree. While you may have a break of a semester or more between receiving your undergraduate degree and enrolling in graduate/law school (e.g., if you graduate in December and your graduate/law program begins in the fall), students may not enroll in any other college or university during that period of time.

If my high school GPA is below the required GPA for the Capstone, Collegiate, Foundation in Excellence Scholar, UA Scholar, or Presidential Scholarship, and I raise it during my senior year in high school, will it be reviewed for the scholarship offer?

No. Grade point averages for 9th through 11th grade are the only years reviewed for these scholarships.

For the scholarships listed under Types of Scholarships, specifically those listed under In-state and Out-state, can I receive more than one of those scholarships?

A student can only receive one of the scholarships listed in this section. The scholarship a student receives as a first-time freshman is based on meeting the December 15 scholarship priority deadline and having the required test score and GPA.

What percentage of students receive an automatic scholarship offer (Capstone Scholar, Collegiate Scholar, Foundation in Excellence Scholar, UA Scholar, and Presidential Scholar) if they meet the criteria listed?

All students who meet the criteria will receive an automatic scholarship offer if the student has been admitted by the December 15 deadline.

If I have received an automatic scholarship offer, do I have to formally "accept" the scholarship each academic year?

No. When accepting your scholarship offer, it is accepted for the amount of time you have been awarded the scholarship. If your scholarship is renewable, it will be automatically renewed if you meet the required GPA.


As a current student on scholarship, can I defer my scholarship for a semester?

Depending on the type of scholarship you are on, a committee will review your request for deferral of the scholarship for a semester. You can select to defer your scholarship through MyBama (Academics Tab -> Scholarship Pane –> Scholarship Deferral Request Form). You will need to contact the department that awarded the scholarship for further details.

Maintaining Scholarship

Can I use my scholarship for undergraduate and/or graduate coursework?

All scholarships awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships, unless otherwise noted, are for undergraduate coursework only.

If I am a recipient of a scholarship that is renewable for 8 semesters, can I request an extension of the scholarship?

It is the policy of Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships to adhere to the 8 semesters originally offered to you.

What are the requirements for maintaining scholarships awarded by Undergraduate Admissions?

Students must maintain a University of Alabama GPA of 3.0 to maintain scholarships awarded by Undergraduate Admissions. Students are not required to be enrolled full-time to maintain scholarships.


When will I be notified about receiving scholarships?

As a first time freshman you will be notified once you are admitted if you qualify for a merit based scholarship through Undergraduate Admissions. In addition, a consolidated scholarship letter will be mailed in mid-March to scholarship recipients detailing all scholarship offers that you have received from UA.

As a transfer student you will be notified in April if you were awarded any scholarships.

Miscellaneous (Academic Common Market, gap year, etc.)

Does The University of Alabama have any type of program that matches the HOPE Scholarship (for Georgia) or the Bright Futures Scholarship (for Florida)?

The University of Alabama does not offer a scholarship that is comparable to the Hope or Bright Futures scholarships. You can find a list of our undergraduate scholarship offers here.

Will I be able to use the PACT if I receive other scholarship offers?

Yes. Any scholarship offers you receive will be stacked on top of the value of your PACT. The value will be placed on your bill and can be used for other expenses such as a meal plan, housing, etc.

If I take a year off between graduating from high school and entering college can I still be considered for scholarships through Undergraduate Admissions?

As long as you do not receive any academic credit from another institution and meet the December 15 admission deadline for the year you are applying you will be considered. You must notify the Scholarships department in writing of your year off from school immediately following your graduation from high school. As with any entering freshman, your GPA through your junior year in high school and your test scores from your senior year in high school will be considered. Don’t forget that the December ACT and December SAT during your senior year will be the last test scores considered for scholarships.

How does the Academic Common Market program affect other scholarship offers from UA?

A student who receives a scholarship that pays full tuition or the out-of-state portion of tuition is not eligible for an Academic Common Market scholarship. Please note that if you receive a partial tuition scholarship at the out-of-state rate you will not be allowed to keep the difference in funding between an ACM scholarship and partial tuition scholarship awarded through Undergraduate Admissions. See for more information.